Quartz Garden is a board and care facility for the elderly or "A Family-style Residential Care Home™ fulfills a preference for a close-family lifestyle. There are approximately 425 houses located in neighborhoods across the San Fernando Valley that provide a lifestyle that I call Family-style assisted living." (boardncareownersassoc.org, 2011)

What is Board and Care Home or Family-style Residential Care Home™?

"In a Family-style Residential Care Home™ you get what you were used to having during your lifetime, a house to live in with things you are used to, like a kitchen, dining table, fireplace, and a backyard. People are there that care about you, and take care of you 24/7. They clean up after you, do your laundry, cook your meals, clean up the kitchen, do your housekeeping and grocery shopping, and mow the lawn along with other home maintenance chores. Any other assistance you need is also provided. Some people need help with bathing, dressing, grooming and taking medications.

A Family-style Residential Care Home™ is also known for purposeful activities. I have participated in a number of Luau’s, birthday parties, sing-a-longs, and current events discussions while visiting at a Family-style Residential Care Home™."

- As described in the Association of Board and Care Home Owners' website.

Quartz Garden, a family-owned residential care facility in 1997 and an active member of Association of Board and Care Home Owners, provides individualized and personalized services to elderly residents and accomodate them everyday to a healthy, active, and fun lifestyle. For more than 10 years, our highly trained and compassionate staff can virtually assist you with any needs you may have to your aging loved ones.

"We believe in the fullness of life..." - Quartz Garden Residential Care Facility for the Elderly

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